Discipline. Education. Commitment. At the Reno-Tahoe Equestrian Centre, riders and horse will receive the highest quality of instruction from experienced, nationally and regionally ranked trainers/teachers. RTEC promises to stay on the cutting edge in order to keep students learning, looking and feeling their best. Trainers/teachers will handcraft a program that will showcase each rider’s individual excellence. Consistent training and education produce results when you are studying under the guidance of the industry’s top trainers.

Why train with RTEC?

  • Nationally renowned trainers – combined 114 years of experience
  • State-of-the-art facility
  • Professional and ethical standards
  • Proven successful track record
  • Prime West Coast location

Training disciplines:

  • Park, English, and Country English Pleasure horses are all horses with an upright frame and solid hindquarter engagement. The three divisions do have differences in the amount of athleticism, engagement attitude, and animation. Horses shown in these divisions do need to demonstrate strong elastic movement and present themselves in a comfortable way.
  • Hunter Pleasure horses are those with a longer, more rectangular frame with the neck carried in a comfortable position for that individual. These horses have some arch to their necks and some bend at their poll. Strides should be long and ground covering, and appear efficient in their operation.
  • Western Pleasure horses are comfortable movers with strides of a reasonable length for the conformation of the individual horse. They should demonstrate maximum efficiency of movement. The placement of the head and neck are unique to the individual and should be in a natural position. The western horse must give the impression of being a pleasure to ride.
  • Native Costume
  • Side Saddle
  • Trail Horse
  • Show Hack